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Block Description to Multileader

Following up on the previous post – The routine illustrated below is also made by Alan Thompson found HERE lets you select a block and place a multileader containing the Block’s description (see below for “block description”) Use the command BDESC2ML … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Self Adjusting Text Frame Using Multileaders

If you have ever had to add a frame around your text and then have had to edit that text and re-adjust or even recreate the frame, today’s tip will help save you the time from having to edit both … Continue reading

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Text to Multileader

This routine will allow you to select either an MTEXT or DTEXT (single line text) object and then create a multileader from its contents on the current layer and the current multileader style. Here’s how: AM <enter> to start Add … Continue reading

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Remove Dimbreaks From Objects

If you have applied Dimbreaks to either a dimension or a multileader and need to remove them please don’t erase the objects and recreate them. You can use the same DIMBREAK command that created the dimbreak to remove the same … Continue reading

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Add a Dim Break to a Multileader

I was reading my company standards and came across an outdated-yet-common method  of modifying multileader objects for clarity. The process is to explode the multileader and then trim the leader line where it crosses dimensions so as to not be confused as an object … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2013 Draw Order: Leaders

Now available in AutoCAD 2013 is a new draw order tool. This tool will bring all leader objects to the front of the draw order. The command for this tool is an option with the command TEXTTOFRONT <enter> Or The … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Covert DTEXT & MTEXT to Multileaders

The previous routine only works with MTEXT objects. This routine, however, works with both MTEXT and DTEXT objects and even makes the process easier. Here’s how: MTLE <enter> to start Select the Text object(s) Specify where the end point (arrow) … Continue reading

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Add Leader to Text – Make Multileader

If you have existing MTEXT objects and would like to add a leader to it and make into a Multileader object, this LISP will be your friend. The text objects do need to be MTEXT objects for this routine to … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: MTEXT box with a leader

Here is a simple routine that lets you select MTEXT (does not work on DTEXT) and creates a rectangle around the text and then lets you select where you would like a leader to point to. This routine could even … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Add Leader to MTEXT or DTEXT

Here is a quickie that lets you attach a leader to an existing MTEXT or DTEXT object. Here’s How: TL <enter> to start “Text Leader” Select Text object Specify start point (arrow) of leader Specify the angle of the leader … Continue reading

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