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XREF Load Status App Review

The app mentioned in this post saved my sanity while opening drawings that contained a large amount of XREFs (External References). The “XREF Load Status” app is available from the Autodesk Exchange Apps store in a free version that will … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Closed Objects to Wipeout updated

It has been a while since using this LISP routine, but apparently the routine that was posted a couple of years ago (found here: and written by Giles ChanteauĀ stopped working in newer releases of AutoCAD because it now needs … Continue reading

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Missing Hatch Ribbon or Dialog Box setting

The hatch ribbon has become the “norm” for the last couple of releases of AutoCAD but you may have switch how you place and edit hatches to the legacy dialog box version. But what happens if you switch to the … Continue reading

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Rotate Objects to Reference an Angle

The Rotate command can be used to match an angle of an existing object or allow you to input an angle.   This tip is especially helpful when you don’t know the angle of the objects. maybe all you know … Continue reading

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