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Leaders with Shapes Made Easy

You may know that you can create a MultiLeader style that incorporates a shape at the end of the leader like a square or circle – this is useful for making keynotes and legends. The problem with this is that … Continue reading

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Text Mask for Dims & MLeaders

I recently learned this great tip and am eager to share it here. Adding text masking to Text & MText is easy in 2011 but many people just give up when it comes to adding them to Dimensions or MultiLeaders. … Continue reading

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Large amounts of text in a drawing can slow down your drawing session. AutoCAD regenerates whenever you pan and zoom, so when you have a lot of text in your drawing, you have the option of temporarily hiding text in … Continue reading

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MLeader quick fix

Last semester I was trying to help some with a problem with their MultiLeaders and I had no idea how to fix it. The problem was that when they started the MLEADER command, the 1st pick point ended up being … Continue reading

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The Select Command & Selection Options

This was an interesting find: I learned a new command called “SELECT” the other day. Use it to make a selection set prior to using a command. Then when you start a command and it asks you to “Select Objects:” … Continue reading

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Some commands in AutoCAD have the option to choose M for Multiple so that you can continue using the command after the first use, and also so you don’t have to restart the command. A command that does not have … Continue reading

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Hatches in 2011

  The new Hatch contextual ribbon (instead of the old dialog box) is a very cool addition to AutoCAD. With this new feature when you hover over an enclosed area (where the hatch will go) the hatch shows a preview … Continue reading

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Isolating – Great for 3D

New in AutoCAD 2011 is the ability to hide or isolate objects that you select. This is a very simple, yet powerful tool that is especially helpful for working in 3D. After hiding/isolating, you can easily orbit and position your … Continue reading

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Selection Cycle

Another great addition to 2011 is the Selection Cycling (SC) toggle found on the Status Bar (drafting setting buttons). If you have objects that are overlapping and you want to select one of them, your only option was to hold … Continue reading

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Infer Constraints

    It used to be (and still can be) that you could only apply constraints to objects after they were created. One problem that we frequently ran into especially using the “auto constrain” tool was “Over-Constraining” these objects. New … Continue reading

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