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Leaders with Shapes Made Easy

You may know that you can create a MultiLeader style that incorporates a shape at the end of the leader like a square or circle – this is useful for making keynotes and legends. The problem with this is that … Continue reading

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Text Mask for Dims & MLeaders

I recently learned this great tip and am eager to share it here. Adding text masking to Text & MText is easy in 2011 but many people just give up when it comes to adding them to Dimensions or MultiLeaders. … Continue reading

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Large amounts of text in a drawing can slow down your drawing session. AutoCAD regenerates whenever you pan and zoom, so when you have a lot of text in your drawing, you have the option of temporarily hiding text in … Continue reading

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MLeader quick fix

Last semester I was trying to help some with a problem with their MultiLeaders and I had no idea how to fix it. The problem was that when they started the MLEADER command, the 1st pick point ended up being … Continue reading

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The Select Command & Selection Options

This was an interesting find: I learned a new command called “SELECT” the other day. Use it to make a selection set prior to using a command. Then when you start a command and it asks you to “Select Objects:” … Continue reading

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Some commands in AutoCAD have the option to choose M for Multiple so that you can continue using the command after the first use, and also so you don’t have to restart the command. A command that does not have … Continue reading

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Hatches in 2011

  The new Hatch contextual ribbon (instead of the old dialog box) is a very cool addition to AutoCAD. With this new feature when you hover over an enclosed area (where the hatch will go) the hatch shows a preview … Continue reading

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