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AutoLISP: Find and mark GAPS

here is another LISP routine that is great for teachers & CAD managers. If you suspect that someone has been drafting and not using osnaps to snap to the endpoints of geometry, this routine will find these gaps and mark … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Reset Selected Dimensions

Now that you have located “dodgy” dims in a drawing, you may need to reset them to their original values. There are many LISP routines online that do this globally, but you may need to reset a few of these … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Find Dodgy Dimensions

Keeping this whole “Dodgy Dimensions” theme going…. Here’s another routine that you can use to find dimensions that have had their value altered. It will simply turn the “dodgy” dimension text green, thus distinguishing it from the correct dimensions. If … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Match Dimension Style

Although you can accomplish the same thing by using the MATCHPROP command, there have been problems with its behavior. This routine simply lets you match the dimension style. There is an added feature that lets you match the text style … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Dodgy Dimension Detector

Recently, The “Mistress of the Dorkness” (AKA Melanie) posted a routine to help the effort in finding dimensions in a drawing that have been¬†deceitfully¬†“fudged” [Found Here]. I remembered that I also found a routine that locates dimensions that have had … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: ChangeSpace with Copy

I really like this simple routine. It shows the power of AutoLISP. You can take an existing command in AutoCAD (CHSPACE in this example) and add an option. The CHSPACE command (CHange SPACE) allows you to move objects from a … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: XREFs: Remove All Pics

As seen in a previous post [found here] which removes all XREFs in a drawing, the featured routine today only removes any pictures that are in the drawing. As seen in the animated picture below, there are .bmp and .jpg … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Mid-Point of Entire Polyline

Here is a simple and great routine. This routine places a “point” at the mid-point of the polyline. Usually, you can simply snap to the mid-point of a polyline segment. But if you want to simply find the mid-point of … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Version & Windows 7

Quick Tip: Simply navigate to a folder that has a .dwg file in it (Windows Explorer). Then hover over the file and wait for the tool-tip to appear. It will show you what the last version of AutoCAD was used … Continue reading

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Tool Palette Icons

I thought that this was an interesting tip. especially after seeing some CAD users who have many palettes open at once and how much screen-real-estate that these palettes take up. If you have multiple palettes open, you can do a … Continue reading

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