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CADWorx Piping Displays As Single Line

Have you ever opened a CADWorx piping drawing only to find a bunch of center lines where your 3D piping should be? (shown below) Use the CADWorx command CONVERTSOLID to make these single lines display correctly. This tool can also … Continue reading

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Making CADWorx Piping Intelligence Display in Navisworks

When you upgrade your version of Navisworks, you want to be able to hover over a piping component from CADWorx and have certain CADWorx properties display near your cursor. Today’s tip describes this. From the Home Tab of the ribbon, … Continue reading

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Manage CADWorx Project Resources with Symlinks

This tip is not limited to CADWorx. It can be applied to many types of files that CAD users may need, I have simply decided to demonstrate how “Symlinks” can help a common frustration for CADWorx users and CADWorx administrators. … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget that CADWorx P&ID Cfm.shx file

This issue comes up rather often when dealing with projects that use CADWorx. Some users use CADWorx and other people in the same project don’t. Perhaps they want to simply open a P&ID drawing (or other drawing that uses this … Continue reading

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Turn On CADWorx Ribbon Tabs and Menu Bar

If you have lost your CADWorx Ribbon tabs or Menus (from the menu bar) you can simply load them by using the following in the command line: LOADMENUPLANT [enter] For loading the CADWorx Equipment palette or toolbars see the following … Continue reading

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CADWorx Equipment Palette

Here is a quick tip for CADWorx Equipment users. The user interface for CADWorx Equipment is simply a tool palette and maybe a toolbar… The common problem is closing the Equipment palette and not knowing how to get it back … Continue reading

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