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Lost Command Line

With the new command line being a toolbar that is easily drag-able, it is just a matter of time before you lose your command line by dragging it either too far down or dragging it completely off the screen. But … Continue reading

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Recover a Drawing

When a drawing has something wrong with it it needs to have the AUDIT command run on it so that it can be fixed (as shown in the previous post). But there are times when the drawing that needs help … Continue reading

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Fix Your Drawing with AUDIT

There are times when a drawing starts acting weird. There were two instances this week when user’s drawing were able to be fixed with the AUDIT command that is within AutoCAD. One instance was that a single dimension was not … Continue reading

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Change Text Justification and Retain Position

The default functionality of changing the justification of text through the Properties Palette or by changing the properties in the “Edit Text” contextual ribbon will in fact change the justification. But it will also re-position the text based on the new justification … Continue reading

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Pan a Distance Within a Viewport

Need to pan your view within a viewport a specific distance? Here’s how: Double click the viewport to activate it -P <enter> to start the pan command in the command line Pick a point inside of the viewport to specify … Continue reading

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