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DIMBREAK Break Dimension Lines

Here is a useful command that lets you easily add clarity to your dimensions. If you have ever dealt with dimension lines that cross over other dimension lines, you might recognize that these dimension lines can easily be confused for … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Delete Invisible Attributes

Link to AutoCADtips There are times when sending or submitting drawings to client or another drafter when the blocks in your drawings contain many attributes – some of which may be set to Invisible. And if you have ever wanted … Continue reading

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This is a tip that I just saw from Lynn Allen’s blog [found here]and thought that I would share it here as well. Imagine trying to dimension something that doesn’t have parallel or perpendicular pick points. So when you pick … Continue reading

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Control PDF Layers

The ability to have control over layers while in a PDF is a cool/useful feature but there are times when you might not want to include them.┬áHere’s how to turn OFF (or on) layers when creating PDFs. (Below is an … Continue reading

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Replace Selected Blocks

[Original link to AutoCAD tips blog] The Express Tool called “Replace Block” or command line = BLOCKREPLACE <enter> has been mentioned [HERE] and found on the ribbon (as seen below) This tool is helpful for replacing blocks globally (through out … Continue reading

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Set the Default Hatch Pattern

Link to original Post at If you have ever used a lot of hatch patterns in a drawing, you’ll understand the frustration of setting a default hatch pattern. Here’s the scenario: Say you use the “SOLID” hatch pattern almost … Continue reading

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