How to Select & Delete Wipeouts

Have you ever been frustrated with trying to erase or even select a wipeout?

Here’s how to select them:

  • WIPEOUT <enter>
  • F <enter> (for frames)
  • ON <enter>

Now, all of your wipeouts have a frame around them that you can easily select and modify…


About AutoCAD Tips

This blog serves as a knowledge base for myself (and anyone else) so that I can reference tips & tricks that I have learned and also refer others to it as well. I hope that this blog helps you learn at least one tip to make your drafting/design experience better.
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2 Responses to How to Select & Delete Wipeouts

  1. peter says:

    i have a mirrored wipeout which, when i want to modify, throws the anchor points in the opposite direction to where i click! its maddening. help!?

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      I am trying to recreate the issue that you are having but I am not getting the same results.
      What type of modifying are you doing to the mirrored wipeout?
      What I did to test was create a rectangle with a hatch pattern. Then created a wipeout and then placed a line in the middle of the wipeout area so that the wipeout is obscuring the hatch… I then mirrored everthing and the draworder was correct after the mirror and then i did some simple modifications to the wiepout like moving and grip editing to adjust the size of the wipeout.

      Also what version of AutoCAD are you using?

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