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AutoLISP: ReOrder Polyline Origin

Taking into consideration the previous posts about determining the origin of a closed polyline, Finding the direction of a polyline and being aware that the REVERSE command will change the origin of a closed polyline – the LISP file in … Continue reading

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Reverse Polyline Moves Origin

Today’s tip is more of a “head’s up” to be aware of when using the REVERSE command on a closed polyline. The Reverse command will reverse the direction of selected objects. What is reversed is the direction or the order … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Polyline Direction preview

The simplicity of this routine is why I like it so much. You simply run the command and then select a polyline and it displays temporary arrows that show the direction of the polyline. Once you either zoom in or … Continue reading

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Helpful Settings for Plotting 3D Solids in AutoCAD

This post isn’t a fix-all solution but it has helped printing/plotting issues that I’ve recently encountered. There are some helpful AutoCAD variables and an adjustment to your preferred “Visual style(s)” that can help make printing 3D solids look correct in … Continue reading

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