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Adding Lisp Files to a Tool Palette

If you have some lisp routines that you would like to have available when you are working in various drawings here is a way to have them available in all your drawings. This method of adding the .lsp files to … Continue reading

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Using Your Mouse to Move, Copy or Clear a Selection Set

I have posted about this topic before but I thought that it could be presented more clearly. You can use your windows mouse to move, copy, copy as a block, clear a selection set and escape/cancel from a command all … Continue reading

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Remove Dimbreaks From Objects

If you have applied Dimbreaks to either a dimension or a multileader and need to remove them please don’t erase the objects and recreate them. You can use the same DIMBREAK command that created the dimbreak to remove the same … Continue reading

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Add a Dim Break to a Multileader

I was reading my company standards and came across an outdated-yet-common method  of modifying multileader objects for clarity. The process is to explode the multileader and then trim the leader line where it crosses dimensions so as to not be confused as an object … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Fillet To A Selected Point

This is a useful routine that lets you easily create a fillet when the radius of the fillet is not not known. The point that you pick while defining the radius will lie along the fillet. Here’s how: FP <enter> … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Define a Pipe’s Path by 3D Curved Objects

Today’s featured routine is a gem if you need to make basic 3D Pipes. It does a couple of awesome thing: 1) It creates a pipe with an inner and outer diameter thus creating a true pipe. 2) Lets you … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Fillet a 3D Polyline

Here is a great routine that lets you easily fillet a 3D polyline. It even gives the option to apply the fillet to all of the vertices. Here’s how: 3DPOLYFILLET <enter> to start R <enter> to specify the radius of … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Apply Current Page Setup To All Layout Tabs

The title of today’s routine pretty much explains what this LISP routine does. You must have the layout tab active with the correct page setup current on that tab as well. Here’s how: CPS <enter> To start and run ~enjoy … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Auto Trim and Extend Lines

This routine may come in handy if you would like to trim or extend lines to an object. Note: This routine will only modify line objects. Here’s how: TTT <enter> to start Select the bounding edge that the lines will … Continue reading

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Viewport Clip

Say that you have a default rectangle viewport already set – you have the scale set and dimensions and the multileaders points to objects in your viewport. But then you want to trim some of the objects out of the … Continue reading

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