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AutoLISP: Attribute to text (mtext)

Here is a rare LISP routine. there are plenty of routines out there that take an exploded attribute and turn it into either text or mtext. But this routine allows you to make mtext objects out from attributes without exploding … Continue reading

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Express Tools for AutoCAD Architecture 2012

Inspired by a comment from Daniel in the same post for AutoCAD Arch 2011, I thought that I should walk through the complete steps as they seem to work more permanently than the simple tip that I initially suggested. Once … Continue reading

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REDEFINE oh how I love thee…

So there are a few features that have been disabled in AutoCAD 2012 and I have been waiting to post about them until I could find a solution. Well, I found a solution for one of them. This tip will … Continue reading

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BPOLY Easy Way To Make Polylines

This tip is an easy way to convert lines into polylines. Although, it doesn’t actually convert the lines into Polylines, it finds a closed are (bounding area) and creates a polyline on top of the geometry. To do this: BPOLY … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Change Block Insertion Point

Here is a great LISP routine created by Lee McDonnell from Please make sure to check out his website if you are looking for some very helpful programs and if you want to learn about AutoLISP & VisualLISP. Luckily, this … Continue reading

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The MULTIPLE command

Here is a powerful tool that is honestly easily forgotten. The Multiple command lets you repeat a command that does not repeat by default. The LINE command is an example of a command that does repeat. You keep picking points and the … Continue reading

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Scale Objects with a Reference

Let’s say that you download an AutoCAD block like the table as seen below. When you open the block, you notice that it is not scaled correctly. Let’s also say that you want to scale it to a certain length. … Continue reading

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Rotate with the Reference option to Align

You may know that there is the ALIGN command which is really helpful. But with the ALIGN command the object that you are aligning/rotating end up being moved to its reference object. So how do you rotate an object and … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: All Dimensions To A Layer

Here is a simple routine that searches for all dimensions in a drawing and asks the user to enter the name of the layer that you would like the dimensions to be on. As seen Below: There are some dimensions … Continue reading

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Autolisp: Deleting All Attributes In A Block

Unlike the previous post where you could only delete all but one attribute, this LISP routine allows you to delete all attributes in the selected blocks. As seen below: ATTDEL2 <to start> Select blocks with attributes  <enter> all attributes from … Continue reading

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