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New AUTO-APPEND in 2012

Here is something that I found cool but annoying with AutoCAD 2012. Here’s the situation, if you forgot the name of a command, the old way (which still works) of finding this command is to enter the first letter or … Continue reading

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Fillet & Chamfer preview in AutoCAD 2012

Here’s another cool feature in AutoCAD 2012. Both the FILLET & CHAMFER command show a preview of how the fillet or chamfer will look before you pick the second object and finish the command. This allows you to preview and … Continue reading

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OVERKILL in 2012

I recently made a post about the great command called OVERKILL or “Delete Duplicates.” Apparently Autodesk noticed how useful this tool is as well (maybe even from reading this blog site :)… OVERKILL was an “Express Tool” which means that … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2012 Copy Tool with Array option

As seen in the previous tip, in AutoCAD 2012 gives you the option to array objects while in the middle of the COPY command. I previously showed how to array a specific number of copies with the “fit” option. Now … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2012 Copy with ARRAY [fit]

So Autodesk released AutoCAD 2012 yesterday (March 22). While I think that every release of AutoCAD has its strengths and weaknesses, I think that this year’s release (to be honest) is just another release with some minor tweaks. One major … Continue reading

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Express Tool: Replace Block

Have you ever needed to replace a block throughout your drawing? Here is an Express Tool that will make your life a lot easier: (WARNING: this globally replaces the block that you select and you may lose the block if … Continue reading

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Printing Multiple Layout Tabs

Did you know that you can print multiple layout tabs at once? Here’s how: Hold the CTRL button Select the layout tabs that you want to print/plot Right-click any of the tabs and select “Publish Selected Layouts…”

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Adding Transparency Per Viewport

I started working part-time recently and I actually got to use this new transparency feature that is new to AutoCAD 2011. And now I love it. It is as easy as freezing layers in viewports – REALY! (the picture below … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Block Name

When it comes time to annotate your drawings, wouldn’t it be nice for you to be able to select a block and then have its name appear as a text object and then place that text object? Here ya go: … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Distance Along a Path

As you can see, these LISP routines are very helpful. With this one you can pick an object (except LWPOLYLINES) and specify a starting point and then tell it how far along that object you would like to place a … Continue reading

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