AutoCAD 2013 Draw Order: Leaders

Now available in AutoCAD 2013 is a new draw order tool. This tool will bring all leader objects to the front of the draw order.

The command for this tool is an option with the command TEXTTOFRONT <enter>

Or The draw order tool can be found on the Home tab > Modify panel Draw Order flyout and select the “Bring Leaders to Front” tool.

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Below is the command line version of this tool by using the command TEXTTOFRONT <enter>

Note: that you also have the “All” option which will bring all Text, Dimensions and Leaders to the front of the draw order.


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3 Responses to AutoCAD 2013 Draw Order: Leaders

  1. Joe says:

    Is there a way to do this with hatch patterns, but send them to the back? I am using AutoCAD LT 2013 and we have a lot of hatch patterns to denote floor finishes, wall types, etc but they randomly keep jumping in-front of other objects quite frequently.

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