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Express Tool: Save All Opened Drawings

If you have multiple drawings opened in AutoCAD at the same time and would like to save all the drawings before stepping away from your computer… you can easily save all the currently open drawings with one command. Note: If … Continue reading

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Add Dimension Leader Line

Sometimes when placing dimensions in a drawing, they can get cluttered and it isn’t always clear what dimension text belongs to what dimension. (pictured below – example dimension) There is a feature that lets you attach a leader to the … Continue reading

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Continue A Table In A New Column With A Table Break

AutoCAD table objects are great in how they act similar to Microsoft Excel allowing you to add columns and rows and with the controls available, you can format the table in many ways to add style to the table. Today’s … Continue reading

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OFFSET Polyline True Distance – OFFSETGAPTYPE

The OFFSET command creates parallel copies of an object away from the original object. Here’s the scenario – You have an electrical drawing with limited space. You also have an oddly shaped electrical box that requires a 4 foot space … Continue reading

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