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AutoCAD 2014 Self Intersecting Polylines

With AutoCAD 2014 you now have the ability to use the FILLET or CHAMFER commands on a polyline that is “self-intersecting.” When the “radius” of a FILLET is set to <0> or when there is no angle set to a … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2014 Merge Layers from the Layer Properties Manager

This new feature is cool in many ways but one reason why is that I remember reading somewhere like the Augi wish list ( or even on twitter that Jimmy B from simply wished that he could easily select the layers from the … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2014 Arc Improvement

With AutoCAD 2014, the ARC command has a simple-but-needed improvement. By default in AutoCAD, arcs are created counter clockwise. With 2014 you can control the creation of arcs to be clockwise or counter clockwise by simply holding the CTRL button. … Continue reading

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