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AutoLISP: Select Attributes for Invisibility

Here is a simple lisp routine that lets you select the individual attribute to make it “invisible.” Here’s how: INVIS <enter> to start Select the attributes that you would like to be invisible <enter> when finished (defun c:invis (/ ent … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Change Hatches to Solid Hatches

Today’s featured routine will help you if you need to change some or all hatches to the solid hatch pattern. Here’s how: HATCH2SOLID <enter> Create a selection set by either individual selection or window/crossing selection. Or As shown in the … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Easily Make Isometric Text

If you need to create isometric text  and you are tired of using so many different styles, today’s tip will be your new best friend. Note that this routine only works with DTEXT (single line text). Here’s how: ISOTEXT <enter> … Continue reading

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Load Express Tools for 2013

This post works the same for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture. Upon installing AutoCAD you may not have installed the Express Tools… Here is how to load them: Click Start Click “Control Panel” Click on “Programs and Features” Note: if you … Continue reading

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Create Rotated or Aligned MTEXT

If you’ve gone to school for CAD or ever dealt with a good manager then you’ve undoubtedly heard them remind the CAD users to “Look at your options in the command line…” Today’s tip is a good example of this. If you … Continue reading

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Express Tools: CLIPIT

I recently showed how to create an XCLIP for XREFs (found here) but today’s tip gives you some more options. The Express Tool CLIPIT will clip reference objects – not just XREFed drawings. It will work on the following objects: … Continue reading

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Turn Shape Objects into Blocks

If you have a drawing that contains shape objects and then you try to send that drawing to someone else, those shape objects will be missing from their drawing. Today’s tip features an Express Tool called SHP2BLK which simply lets … Continue reading

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