Use Align Space to Easily Align A Viewport View

Rotating a view within a viewport can be quite involved when using the DVIEW command as was shown in this post:

But as a guest named Nick pointed out, the ALIGNSPACE command from the Express Tools is a quick way in which rotating the view within a viewport to match that of a line in Paper Space is easy as using the ALIGN command.

It is really that easy too!!!

Align Space 1

Here’s how:

  • Make sure that you have a reference line in both model space and paper space.
  • Activate the viewport in which the view is to be rotated.
  • Start the ALIGNSPACE command. Found on the “Express Tools” tab > “Layout” panel > “Align Space” tool

Align Space 2

  • Pick 2 points within the viewport that define the angle
  • Pick 2 points in Paper space to define the desired angle
  • Click inside a viewport to apply the rotation to that viewport and then hit <enter>

Align Space 3

Note: The order in which you define the 2 points within the viewport and the order of the 2 points in paper space will be aligned accordingly.


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14 Responses to Use Align Space to Easily Align A Viewport View

  1. Harpal says:

    You are doing a great job by helping people like me.
    I was just wondering if you please make me bit clear, the diffrence bet mvsetup and align space command.

    Thanks in advance for your help and time.

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      I’m glad the blog is helpful to you.

      Your question is a good one.

      Both the commands MVSETUP and ALIGNSPACE are Express Tools. ALIGNSPACE has a single purpose of aligning objects that are in different “spaces.” Meaning, one object is in Model Space and the other is in Paper Space. It is also better to use this tool when you want to rotate a view to be aligned to the other object. This tool does not do a good job of simply panning a view over to match a point defined. That functionality is better handles by using the “Align” option of MVSETUP.

      The Align option in the MVSETUP command allows you to align a view in two different viewports by activating one viewport at a time and picking a point.

      MVSETUP has many sub-options and also has different options depending on whether you use the command while in Model Space or Paper Space.
      I probably use the MVSETUP command differently than you, I use it as a way to set my UNITS, and LIMITS in Model Space if a drawing doesn’t already have them set.

      Each tool has its strengths. So if you want to match the rotation of objects that are in different spaces, use ALIGNSPACE.
      If you want to have 2 viewports and want them to have a common alignment point (horizontal or vertical) then use the “Align” option of MVSETUP.


  2. MZI says:


  3. peter says:

    hi! tell me if it is posible to change a paper space from portrait to landscape without having installed a printer? just to rotate the layout from P to L. thanks.

  4. lasantha says:

    Is there any option in Autocad in which one can view the drawing with ctb(plotstyle) and edit on the same window.By doing this one can save time and resource by cutting down on mistakes and taking the final print instead of taking the print first and then checking the drawing for mistakes.Thanks for your help big time.

  5. imran says:

    Dear i want to know that how i can move the drawing as per coordinates. for example my drawing is as per coordinates but view is like 45 deg . i want to make it 0 deg as per same coordinates .

  6. waqas says:

    hi i just want to center align my 3d support arm i design it on x axis and then i extrude different objects on different height and want to center align my different sizes extrude object.
    Can u please help me

  7. law says:

    after aligning my viewport to a specific orientation, how to I align my crosshairs to that same orientation?

  8. Ollie says:

    Hey Greg,

    Not sure if this is still active but I was wondering if there’s a way to use the Alignspace Express Tool in a way that it doesn’t scale the objects from Modelspace to match the objects in Paperspace?


  9. Thanks for your advice. It helps us a lot. I will definitely try to apply them in the next protected or unprotected mock. Please keep us updating with your immense knowledge.

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