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Okay, that heading was not very descriptive, but I know that you’ll enjoy this tip. When you place MTEXT, by default, it is blank. And by “blank”, I mean that there is no preview of text so that you can … Continue reading

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Angular Dimensions larger than 180 degrees

Believe or not, you may need to make an angular dimension that is larger than 180 degrees at some time. But if you use the angular dimension tool and then select the two lines that you want to reference, it … Continue reading

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The trim function in AutoCAD is very useful but it is commonly not understood or used correctly. Here are some helpful tips on using TRIM. <command> TRIM or TR <enter> on the RIBBON – Home tab/ribbon > Modify panel > Trim … Continue reading

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Attributes – Creating & Extracting

An ATTRIBUTE is information that is attached to a block. This information is extractable (can be taken out of the block) and is useful for compiling such things as a Bill of Materials or area totals… Creating Attributes command: ATTDEF  or … Continue reading

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MVSETUP New Drawing from scratch

In an open session of AutoCAD, Open the Application Menu (the Application Menu is the big-red-A in the upper-left). In the Application Menu: Click NEW→Drawing                 a dialog box will open (these are available templates {.dwt} to choose from)                 … Continue reading

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Mirrored Text

Have you ever received a drawing or made a drawing that the text was mirrored, thus unreadable? This mainly happens when a block with either text or attributes is mirrored and the system variable “MIRRTEXT” has been set to <1>. As … Continue reading

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Track Path

If you use “Object Snap Tracking” or OTRACK, you will like this tip. If you have ever been annoyed with the dashed “track path” that goes infinitely across your screen, you can change this so that the dashed line only … Continue reading

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