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Create New Objects with AddSelected

The tool ADDSELECTED has been in AutoCAD since ACAD 2011 and It has saved me a lot of time. Regardless of your current settings, such as Layer, Dim Style, Text Style… You can easily recreate an existing object by simply … Continue reading

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Temporary OSNAP Overrides (Including 3D Osnaps)

When you are in the middle of a command and you need to snap to something that is not currently set in your running OSNAPs, you can use a temporary OSNAP override that will let you snap to the desired … Continue reading

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Zoom to Selected Using the ViewCube

If you happen to have the ViewCube turned on, you now have a quick way to zoom to selected objects. This is particularly easy when you are in a plan view (top view). To turn on the ViewCube: Command Line … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Make More (like ADDSELECTED)

Well. Kent Cooper has done it again… He made this great LISP routine that I like better than the one that is in AutoCAD. The ADDSELECTED command in AutoCAD is pretty cool. You select an object and whatever properties the … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Match Dimension Style

Although you can accomplish the same thing by using the MATCHPROP command, there have been problems with its behavior. This routine simply lets you match the dimension style. There is an added feature that lets you match the text style … Continue reading

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Lengthen Polyline Endpoint & Vertex

I have previously posted about using the LENGTHEN command, which is helpful, but the LENGTHEN command doesn’t work on polylines. Here’s how to lengthen a polyline segment whether it is an endpoint or a vertex. The examples shown in this … Continue reading


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Open the Welcome Screen

We have all done this – we uncheck the box that tells AutoCAD to show the “Welcome Screen” each time AutoCAD opens. But what if you want to open it again and check out some of the “New Features” videos? … Continue reading

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Adding Transparency Per Viewport

I started working part-time recently and I actually got to use this new transparency feature that is new to AutoCAD 2011. And now I love it. It is as easy as freezing layers in viewports – REALY! (the picture below … Continue reading

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Hatches in 2011

  The new Hatch contextual ribbon (instead of the old dialog box) is a very cool addition to AutoCAD. With this new feature when you hover over an enclosed area (where the hatch will go) the hatch shows a preview … Continue reading

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Isolating – Great for 3D

New in AutoCAD 2011 is the ability to hide or isolate objects that you select. This is a very simple, yet powerful tool that is especially helpful for working in 3D. After hiding/isolating, you can easily orbit and position your … Continue reading

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