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Tip: When Tracking Doesn’t Seem to Work

Here is one of the quirky things that AutoCAD does that might throw you for a loop. It involves “Tracking” whether it is “Object Snap Tracking” or “Polar Tracking” they seem to behave differently when Dynamic Input is turned onn … Continue reading

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Shrink The Info Center Search Area to Expand File Name

This tip is simple yet helpful in displaying more of a file name that might be obscured┬áby the upper right “Info Center.” All that you have to do is simply collapse the arrow next to the search field that says … Continue reading

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Number of Lines of Command History on the Command Line

Prior to the new “floating” command line, if you wanted to see more or fewer lines on the command line, you could simple drag the edge of the command line up or down (as shown below – and if your … Continue reading

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AutoCAD for MAC Hot Keys & Command Aliases

A while back I did a post on regular “Vanilla” AutoCAD “Hot Keys” and Aliases that was produced by Autodesk [found here]. But what about all you AutoCAD Mac users? Here is a link to the same type of list … Continue reading

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Pre Selection Highlight

Here is how to change the setting that allows you to highlighting objects prior to selection. This feature is useful so that you can visibly see what you are about to select prior to actually selecting them. OPTIONS <enter> or … Continue reading

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2013 Command Line Width

I really like how little space the new command line takes up in the drawing area (vertically), but did you know that the new command can be sized horizontally? Simple move your cursor over the right edge to the command … Continue reading

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Control the Display of The View Cube and Navigation Bar

Why is it that some drawings show that cube thingy and other drawings dont? Well here is how to control both the “cube thingy” (ViewCube) and the Navigation Bar (NB) that sits just below the View Cube (VC).   The … Continue reading

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