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Add Leader to Text – Make Multileader

If you have existing MTEXT objects and would like to add a leader to it and make into a Multileader object, this LISP will be your friend. The text objects do need to be MTEXT objects for this routine to … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: MTEXT box with a leader

Here is a simple routine that lets you select MTEXT (does not work on DTEXT) and creates a rectangle around the text and then lets you select where you would like a leader to point to. This routine could even … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Add Leader to MTEXT or DTEXT

Here is a quickie that lets you attach a leader to an existing MTEXT or DTEXT object. Here’s How: TL <enter> to start “Text Leader” Select Text object Specify start point (arrow) of leader Specify the angle of the leader … Continue reading

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LISP: Unique Polyline Arrow

Here is a great routine to create unique arrows polyline arrows. DPA <enter> to start (Can specify if you want one arrow or an arrow on both ends) Specify the width (I chose 5 for this example) Pick the desired … Continue reading

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Curved Multi Leaders (MLEADERS)

There are times when I use a curved MLeader because the straight lines of a normal MLeader might be confused with the straight lines of the object that I am drawing. After all, as a drafter, my job is clarity and accuracy, and … Continue reading

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Leaders with Shapes Made Easy

You may know that you can create a MultiLeader style that incorporates a shape at the end of the leader like a square or circle – this is useful for making keynotes and legends. The problem with this is that … Continue reading

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Text Mask for Dims & MLeaders

I recently learned this great tip and am eager to share it here. Adding text masking to Text & MText is easy in 2011 but many people just give up when it comes to adding them to Dimensions or MultiLeaders. … Continue reading

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