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Terry Dotson’s DotSoftDotSoft

DotSoft is a software company that has many useful CAD add-ons as well as stand alone products. Many of these tools work in both AutoCAD & BricsCAD (which many people are starting to switch to as their main CAD platform). There is the popular ToolPac which is like a mix between AutoCAD’s express tools on steroids and a common sense approach to how tools should work in AutoCAD. C3D Tools is a set of tools that works specifically with Civil 3D.
Both sets of tools not only speeds up your productivity, but they extend the program by allowing you to do things that your out-of-the-box CAD program can’t do. They honestly open up new possibilities with your CAD projects.

Streamlined Design is a great blog that addresses some approaches as a CAD/BIM Manager/Admin and a .NET programmer. There are also some general AutoCAD user tips available but the best part that I get from the blog is how Tim approaches delivering needed content in an efficient and flexible manner. There are many other approaches that I have seen explained from other CAD Managers/Admins that seem too rigid and controlling, thus limiting how the end CAD user can customize THEIR working environment. I Find this blog to be a refreshing approach that many can benefit from.

Lynn Allen Blog
 Lynn Allen may cover all things Autodesk, but her heart is in AutoCAD. She posts tips & tricks for AutoCAD users and she has a Tips and Tricks class at Autodesk University each year. She is very thoughtful and is always learning about new technologies that help us design more efficiently.
I think that for AU next year, I will submit a class called “61 Tips in 60 Minutes” instead of Lynn’s “60 Tips in 60 Minutes” just to see her reaction ;)

The CAD Setter Out is a great resource to learn about AutoCAD & Autodesk Inventor. The blog is run by a good friend Paul Munford who lives “across the pond”. I genuinely admire his passion for being involved in all things design-oriented and his expertise with AutoCAD & Inventor.


Seriously – this is by far the most productive AutoCAD batch processor available!!! There are batch processors that do plotting, but that is nothing compared to what Hurricane can do for your drawings and for the savings of an entire project. Updating or changing attributes in titleblocks… easy. Swapping out blocks or doing edits on specific layout tabs… Hurricane can do that as well. There are so many abilities that this utility can do it is worth checking out their website (of course) but check out their youtube channel to see hurricane in action [HERE]


The swamp forums are a great place to hang out and get your feet wet when you are learning to code LISP routines. There are many helpful programmers willing to help with questions. There are a lot of routines to be found just lying around over there too. You will have to register and wait to be granted access though, but the wait is worth it. The swamp is free but donations are accepted to help with keeping it online.

Lee is awesome! He is a swamper too, but don’t hold that against him. He helps a lot of people with their questions & problems with LISP. His site has a lot of free programs that are great but the most useful part of his site is the tutorials and explanations of his code. If you really want to learn how to code well, his site is a great resource. Lee likes to post a piece of code in a forum and then tries to improve on what he already posted. It is actually fun to see what he comes up with. Don’t forget that Lee is also available for specific Custom Programming for a reasonable fee.




CADTutor has a lot to offer. There are plenty of forums and tutorials and it is all free!!

Autodesk forums
There are a lot of forums for the various Autodesk products. Most likely, you either find an answer to your question in an existing post or someone will help you.

CAD Panacea
CADPanacea This is R.K. McSwain’s blog. He brings a lot of experience and valuable tips to his blog. He is also currently “Hot Tip Harry” over at And you might recognize R.K. from various forums as he responds to many posts and has even received the “Expert Elite” status from Autodesk which is a distinguished title given to few people like R.K. because of their contributions on their forums.


10 Responses to Website Links

  1. Hi Greg!

    I´d like your page very much. It´s greatful comments which I read here. If want to give you changing of replaceBlocks.lsp. It do the same some yours but it´s also have scale-faktor and layer included.
    Kind regards


  2. Francis Montiague says:

    Hello Greg,
    Can you help me resolve my problem. When I draft 2D at my Autocad 2012 it Freeze After Copy/Paste or hang about 5 to 8 sececonds. Thank you for sharing your expertise and tips
    it real help’s a lot especially for a beginner’s like me.

    Best regards,

  3. Francis says:

    Hello Greg,
    Thank you very much for the advise. Your advise really helps a lot.
    Please keep up your good work. You are really a master.

    Best regards,

    • Francis says:

      Hello Greg,
      How are you. I have problem again in drawing lines. Whenever I make line the cursor line move very very slow in my drawing sheet. Maybe the drawing file is to big. I already done some of the tips you shown but problem still remain. Whenever I open a smaller drawing file the problem not so severe. Can you give me some advise. Thank you.

      Best regards,

  4. Abdul Muneer says:

    Thank you very much……….

  5. jason day says:

    hi there, just a quick one, not really an issue, just a question i cant find an answert to.
    when scaling a viewport, i have a long list of different scale to use. Some of which have an underscore and a ‘1’ after. i.e. 1:100_1. Can you tell me why or what these are used for?

  6. ian says:

    I have a problem regarding with this block attribute.
    all I want is to automatically stretch the block object using the attribute text width.
    it will depends on the attribute text with. and follow automatically the object to stretch.

    thanks and God bless

  7. Juan says:


    I have found your website with google and I want to introduce myself to you.

    At we have created several AutoCAD add-ons, like for example LITIO and LITIO2 sheet metal. Please check

    Today I want to introduce you LitioLAB 1.0, an advanced, complex-shape, mathematical drawing tool for AutoCAD/GStarCAD, that helps you draw complex shapes (either 2D curves, 3D curves or 3D surfaces), that are not available as standard commands within AutoCAD/GStarCAD.

    It helps you to draw shapes that follow a mathematical equation or formula and import a series of XLS points (or other formats) into your drawing, to get a series of POINTs, LINE segments, 2D or 3D POLYLINEs, or 3D meshes

    More information available at:

    Kind regards,


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