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Embed a Picture (Not as a Reference)

There are times when an image needs to be included in a drawing. For example, a client logo that needs to be part of the title block. It would be better to convert the logo into a block object by … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Script – Overkill

The command OVERKILL in AutoCAD is useful in removing overlapping objects but some times you just want it to do its thing and move on without worrying about its settings. The Script today could be a starting point for you … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Script – Drafting Settings Toggles

Continuing with the AutoCAD script theme, here is one that controls the toggles that are found in the status bar. Download the script from this link:¬† I made the script to turn off all of these toggles but i also … Continue reading

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Export To AutoCAD Script

When drawings are created with an AutoCAD “vertical” software like AutoCAD MEP, P&ID, Mechanical and others, the specialized objects that these verticals create may not display in a session of vanilla AutoCAD. These objects may display a box where objects … Continue reading

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