Recover a Drawing

When a drawing has something wrong with it it needs to have the AUDIT command run on it so that it can be fixed (as shown in the previous post). But there are times when the drawing that needs help isn’t even able to be opened. For this situation there are a couple of options:

Run the RECOVER command. This command lets you browse to a file (.dwg or .dwt) and it will run the audit command while trying to open the file. If it does find and fix the errors, you will see a report on what it found and fixed once the file has been “recovered.”

The RECOVERALL command lets you repair a drawing that has XREFs and it will fix the XREFs as well. As long as the XREFs were pathed correctly the last time the file was in functional order this command will audit them as well.

Here’s how:

  • Open a new blank drawing
  • RECOVER <enter>
  • Browse to the file and select it from the dialog box and click Open
  • Wait for it to process the drawing. When it is finished, it will show a mini report of how many errors it found and fixed and if it deleted anything.


If this does not work try opening a new blank drawing and inserting the corrupted drawing as a block into the new blank drawing. From there you can explode the block and run the AUDIT command.

The idea can be applied by inserting the drawing into a blank drawing as an XREF and then binding to the drawing. From there you can run the AUDIT command. This method would also need to layer clean up as well..


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3 Responses to Recover a Drawing

  1. Note: If a drawing with an RText object is opened on a computer that does not have RTEXT installed, the proxy object that results displays the bounding box of the RText object. If you plan to send your drawing to someone who does not have RTEXT, you can explode the RText objects to MText objects with the EXPLODE command.

  2. Lety hiua says:

    You can recover autocad autosave file by this way, because autocad save dwg file automatically.

    Detailed steps about how to change autosave file in autocad to dwg:

    Step 1. Go to the folder C:\Users\[User Name]\appdata\local\temp\ and find the file with *.ac$ as extension.
    Step 2. Change the extension *.ac$ to *.dwg, it pop out a warming: “If you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?”, click Yes button. Step 3. You can use spec tool : Recovery Toolbox for DWG (


    am failing to recover my drawing .am using Autocad 2013

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