Angular Dimensions larger than 180 degrees

Believe or not, you may need to make an angular dimension that is larger than 180 degrees at some time. But if you use the angular dimension tool and then select the two lines that you want to reference, it will not do a dimension larger than 180 degrees.

To do this:
NOTE – look at the command line. It says “Select arc, circle, line, or <specify vertex>:”
hit <enter> to choose the specify vertex option
1 – pick the vertex (corner) of the angle
2 – pick one end of the lines
3 – pick the end of the other line
pull the dimension and place it.

The picture below shows the usual DIMANGULAR use and results on the left and on the right, the <specify vertex> option and where to pick.








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3 Responses to Angular Dimensions larger than 180 degrees

  1. maria says:

    I have a little question, I am using AutoCad 2012, I have no idea how to make my vertex bigger with the breakline commend.
    Any help…

    Thank you alot

  2. Onanyante says:

    My night is made! Problem solved. Skill improved.

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