Fix Your Drawing with AUDIT

There are times when a drawing starts acting weird. There were two instances this week when user’s drawing were able to be fixed with the AUDIT command that is within AutoCAD. One instance was that a single dimension was not selectable. The other instance was that the user was not able to change the units of the drawing and save that change…

The fix for both issues was to use the AUDIT command. This command is found in the Application menu > Drawing Utilities > Audit


Here’s how:

  • AUDIT <enter>
  • Y <enter> to fix drawing errors

Below is an example of running AUDIT on a drawing and it fixing 15 errors in the drawing


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5 Responses to Fix Your Drawing with AUDIT

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  2. Steve says:

    I just upgraded from 2010 to 2012 and I have lost the ability to highlight polylines. It use to be that I could move the curser over a polyline and the whole line would go bold and stand out. I haven’t found a way to turn that feature back on.

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