AutoLISP: Reset Selected Dimensions

Now that you have located “dodgy” dims in a drawing, you may need to reset them to their original values. There are many LISP routines online that do this globally, but you may need to reset a few of these dimensions. That’s where this routine comes in handy. Instead of doing this manually, this routine does the hard work for you.

BTW, To do this manually, you select the dimension and then in the properties palette, under the text override text-box you enter <>

Here’s how:

  • RDD <enter> to start Reset Dodgy Dims
  • Select the dimensions that you want reset.
  • <enter> to finish

;RDD Reset Dims to actual value

(defun C:RDD (); (c) 2001 Andy Leisk

(prompt "\nRDD to start...\n")

(princ "Selects dims to reset...\n")

(setq ss (ssget))

(command ".DIM1" "NEW" "<>" ss "")




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