AutoLISP: Change Block Insertion Point

Here is a great LISP routine created by Lee McDonnell from Please make sure to check out his website if you are looking for some very helpful programs and if you want to learn about AutoLISP & VisualLISP.
Luckily, this routine can be found online at two places:

  • Lee’s website (click here)
  • The Autodesk App Store (click here)
    This app in the app store is free$$ and getting this program from the appstore will allow you to effortlessly install this LISP routine and it will place a button on the ribbon for easy use.

(Please copy the code from one of the two sources above, as the author routinely makes updates to his LISP code. Taking the code from the original source is the best place to check to make sure that you have the most up-to-date version)

This routine has 2 commands within it.

  • CBP – (Change Base Point)
    Change the block insertion point and repositions the block around where the original insertion point was located.
  • CBPR (Change Base Point Retain)
    Change the block insertion point and retain the position of the block. So that the only thing that moves is the insertion point.

image from



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2 Responses to AutoLISP: Change Block Insertion Point

  1. David Garrigues says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! One of the Best commands I have seen in a while!

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