AutoLISP: All Dimensions To A Layer

Here is a simple routine that searches for all dimensions in a drawing and asks the user to enter the name of the layer that you would like the dimensions to be on.

As seen Below:

There are some dimensions on the wrong layers.

  • DIMLAY <enter> to start
  • DIM <enter> this is the name of the dimension layer in my drawing. This will be different per drawing.










; This program selects all dimensions and places them

;	on a user-specified layer.


(defun C:DimLay (/ SETD LAY)						; Begin function

(setvar "CMDECHO" 0)						; Turn off command echo

(setq SETD (ssget "X" '((0 . "DIMENSION"))))			; Selection set of dims

(if (null SETD) 						; If there are no dims

(princ "\nThere are no associated dimensions.")			; THEN tell user

(progn								; ELSE begin (progn)

(setq LAY (getstring "\nTransfer to which layer? "))	; Get layer name

(command ".CHPROP" SETD "" "LA" LAY "")			; Change dimensions to layer

)								; End (progn)

)								; End (if)

(setvar "CMDECHO" 1)						; Turn on command echo

(princ)								; Clean exit

)									; End function

; - -( End of Program )- -



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1 Response to AutoLISP: All Dimensions To A Layer

  1. thuan says:

    May I add the dimension inside block?

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