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AutoLISP: Delete Attributes

If you need to delete attributes from a block, you can always use the command BATTMAN or you can use this LISP routine. Either way, you cannot delete all attributes from the block but at least you can remove what … Continue reading

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Area & Subtracting Areas

Not every room that you draw is going to be free from obstructions like columns or partial walls. If you have ever used the AREA command, you know how cool of a tool it is. It will tell you the … Continue reading

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Curved Multi Leaders (MLEADERS)

There are times when I use a curved MLeader because the straight lines of a normal MLeader might be confused with the straight lines of the object that I am drawing. After all, as a drafter, my job is clarity and accuracy, and … Continue reading

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Move with OTRACK

Here are two examples of using the MOVE command with Object Tracking. Move with one reference point: Start the MOVE command and select the object(s) to move When asked to specify a base point, I tracked off of  the midpoint … Continue reading

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Object Tracking OTRACK

here is a great tip that I am surprised at how many people don’t make use of. I think that the reason is that one very simple element that can either make this work or not work. To make OTRACK … Continue reading

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