AutoCAD 2014 Arc Improvement

With AutoCAD 2014, the ARC command has a simple-but-needed improvement. By default in AutoCAD, arcs are created counter clockwise. With 2014 you can control the creation of arcs to be clockwise or counter clockwise by simply holding the CTRL button.

See below for a more detailed look:

Simply opening the Arc tool’s flyout, there isn’t any obvious, visible change.


2014 Arc feature1


The direction that arcs are created are controlled in the UNITS dialog box

2014 Arc feature2


Although the new ARC direction option is available in all of the various arc tools, the most practical and obvious uses of the new ARC direction option are found in the ARC options shown below.

2014 Arc feature3


In the picture below, the upper arc that is being created shows the default ARC direction. The lower arc shows the new ARC direction option by hold the CTRL button during the command

2014 Arc Feature4


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4 Responses to AutoCAD 2014 Arc Improvement

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  2. Release12 rules says:

    Wow it only took 30+ years to fix this. Now if they can only make it repeat the same type of arc more than once in a row. Doubt I’ll be alive by then.

  3. Guira says:

    Thanks! It’s a great tip… very useful.
    Do you know how can I change the default drawing of an arc? I want to draw an arc Center, Start, End, everytime I type “arc” in the command line, and I cannot find how change this default behaviour.

  4. Pravin Lokwani says:

    All this work in command window only. These command with script gives larger side arc.

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