AutoCAD 2014 Merge Layers from the Layer Properties Manager

This new feature is cool in many ways but one reason why is that I remember reading somewhere like the Augi wish list ( or even on twitter that Jimmy B from simply wished that he could easily select the layers from the Layer Proprieties manager and tell them to merge into another layer. And the next thing you know, that same feature shows up in AutoCAD 2014. So it is cool to know that Autodesk listens.

This new feature is really as simply as described above.

Open the Layer properties manager: LA <enter>

Layer Merge 1A


You can select a single layer or multiple layers. To select multiple layers use the normal multiple selection method either with the CTRL button or Shift button

Once the Layers are selected, right Click

Select “merge selected layer(s) to…”

Select the a layer from the pop-up box. These are layers that were not included in the selection of layers that you previously made because these are the “destination” layers. If you do not see your destination layer in this list, it is most likely because it was included in the selection of layers. So you will need to back up a little and re-select your layers. This time DON’T include the destination layer in the selection set.

Once you have selected a destination layer from the “Merge to Layer” dialog box, click OK

Then verify that the layer will be merged to the specified layer and click “Yes”

Merge Layers 1


The result is that the Layers and all of their objects have been merged into the layer that you specified and the old layers have been purged from the drawing.

Merge Layers 2



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12 Responses to AutoCAD 2014 Merge Layers from the Layer Properties Manager

  1. Ewen says:

    Thank $Deity. I was actually going to write a plugin to do this. I was going to implement it as a drag-drop experience – select the defunct layers (use the control key to select non-contiguous multiples, shift key if they are all together) and drag them onto the layer you want to merge them into, confirm, done.

    It’s a shame one can’t extend things like the layer palette to do that.

    Still, this is progress so it must be acknowledged and rewarded in the fond hope they do it again!

  2. AutoCAD Tips says:

    I think that you should still make the plugin and put your spin on it. There are plenty of users that don’t update to the newest version so they would defenifitely benefit from the it. At work, we don’t update but every 3 releases. So we just updated to AutoCAd 2013 and have to wait to AutoCAd 2015 to be able to take advantage of the newest features.

  3. Hey Greg,

    I have a layer question. Is there any way to pass parameters to the LayWalk command in 2013? I want to dynamically filter the list via lisp

    Great blog :-)

  4. Archie says:

    How do make the layer merge visible / or able to click if it is greyed on Layer Manager even two or more layers has been selected.
    (Autocad Architecture 2014 free trial)

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  6. nlao says:

    This is really useful! Thanks!

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  9. Strumpfa says:

    And what if ‘merge layers to’ is missing from the drop down?

  10. Simon says:

    Hi guys,

    I have the same trouble at work, I would need to merge many layers together. But the option ” Merge selected layer to…” is not visible. I use AutoCAD 2013.

    Any idea why?


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