AutoLISP: Block Name to MultiLeader

The routine illustrated below is from Alan Thompson found HERE at CADTutor.

This routine lets you select a block and place a multileader that contains the name of the block. The arrowhead or leader point is automatically placed at the block’s insertion point. So if you would like to change the placement, you can do so afterwards.

Block Name Label

Please refer to the above link of the source where Alan posted the code for any questions or comments and also giving him a “thank you” in regards to the routine.

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4 Responses to AutoLISP: Block Name to MultiLeader

  1. Steve Williams says:

    Is there a way to do the opposite of this lisp? That is, create and name a block based on its label (plain text with a leader)? [the block name is also followed by a postscript]. i have about a thousand of these to do, each w/ a different name. You could save me dozens of manhours of tedium!

  2. Khanh says:

    Your lisp ony work on model,
    I’m looking a lisp ( lisp:Block name to mutileader, Layer name to mutileader, tag attribute to mutileader.)can work on mview of layout.
    Could you reslove this problem for me.

    Thank you for your distribution
    Nguyen Quoc Khanh

  3. Raju says:

    This is great program and its save lots of drafting time. Could please tell how to do automatic block label for multiple block with mleader.

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