CADWorx Piping Displays As Single Line

Have you ever opened a CADWorx piping drawing only to find a bunch of center lines where your 3D piping should be? (shown below)

1 CADWorx Pipe displays one line

  • Use the CADWorx command CONVERTSOLID to make these single lines display correctly. This tool can also be found on the ribbon at: CADWorx Plant I tab > Setup Size/Spec panel > “3D Solids” tool” (Shown below).
  • Select the objects that you want to display correctly. I used ALL <enter>

2 CADWorx Pipe displays one line


After the tool does its magic, you should see the piping components displayed correctly.

One issue that I have noticed on a few drawings is that the next time I open the drawing, I have to run the command again…

3 CADWorx Pipe displays one line


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9 Responses to CADWorx Piping Displays As Single Line

  1. jamescolaco says:

    Even i have been using cadworks. Piping designs are easily drawn and they are well understood when the 3d models of the piping designs are created.

  2. Pat LaBarge says:

    What if you can see the piping in CADWorxs 2015, but only as a single line in AutoCAD 2015?

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      You might need an object enabler. I know that sounds dumb, but I ran into this at my old employer when we were running Bentley ProStructures (PS). Even though a user had PS installed on their machine, if they opened a PS drawing in Vanilla AutoCAD on their own machine, they would need an Object Enabler…

      Intergraph isn’t very friendly when it comes to being able install Object Enablers. You may need to go through your CADWorx reseller to get it.

  3. Josh says:

    How about when you cut a viewport and everything is fine in model space, but then In your viewport It’s all just center lines?

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      Josh – I haven’t used CADWorx in quite a while and I no longer have access to it. But the only thing that I can think about is the “Visual Style” that the view port is set to “Wire Frame”
      What happens if the viewport is changed to Hidden or Conceptual and then you use the CONVERTSOLID command?

  4. Thomas C Johnson says:

    I know this post is about 4 years old, but maybe I can still get an answer. When I open a piping model, made in CadWorx, in AutoCAD the piping model is scattered all over the place and displays similar to an isometric but not together. Yet, when I xref it into another drawing it comes in correctly. What causes this? Most of the time it doesn’t happen but it is becoming more frequent.

    • Ross says:

      you need an object enabler installed on the machine for autocad to view the piping correctly, you can get it from the autodesk website. service pack whatever year autocad your running.

  5. Cocoy says:

    Go to Visual Styles Manager the go to 2D Wireframe options click yes on the Draw true silhouettes
    then regen your drawing.

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