Missing Hatch Ribbon or Dialog Box setting

Hatch Ribbon 1The hatch ribbon has become the “norm” for the last couple of releases of AutoCAD but you may have switch how you place and edit hatches to the legacy dialog box version. But what happens if you switch to the dialog box version and then want the Hatch “contextual ribbon” back?

Tip: a “Contextual Ribbon” is a ribbon tab that appears only when a particular command is being used or particular object. Another example of a Contextual Ribbon tab is while placing MTEXT (Use the alias T <enter> to place MTEXT…)

Tip 2: From within the Hatch contextual ribbon, you can open the Hatch dialog box by clicking the diagonal arrow in the “Options” panel (shown below)

Hatch Dialog 2


The system variable that controls which version (ribbon or dialog box) is HPDLGMODE (shown below).

The out-of-the-box setting which displays the contextual ribbon is <2>




Out of the box Hatch ribbon 1




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2 Responses to Missing Hatch Ribbon or Dialog Box setting

  1. Max says:

    Thanks for that. I was not too fond of the new ribbon.

  2. Julie says:

    My dialog box now does not appear at all. I have tried all 3 settings for HPDLGMODE. I have changed my display settings back to one monitor (I typically use 3). Any ideas?

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