Leaders with Shapes Made Easy

You may know that you can create a MultiLeader style that incorporates a shape at the end of the leader like a square or circle – this is useful for making keynotes and legends. The problem with this is that if you need multiple shapes, you need each shape to have its own multileader style. And after a while, it may be hard to keep track of what style is what.

The solution is found in the tool palettes. Simply enter TP <enter> in the command line to open the Tool Palettes and click on the “Leader” tab and hooray!! Simply drag the desired leader shape into the drawing area and double click on the text to enter your own text. Note: These leaders are not meant for large amounts of text. They are mainly used for limited text that will fit within the given shape.

Update!!! (February 2019)

Something I missed at the beginning of this post is how to display the “Leaders” tab when you don’t see it in the Tool Palettes.

If you do not see the Leaders tab, you must turn on the display of  “All Palettes” from the properties of the palette. To do this, you can left-mouse-click on the gear icon located on the side of the tool palette, or you can right-mouse-click along the edge of the tool palette. From there you should see a menu and at the bottom of the menu, click on “All Palettes” so that there is a checkmark next to “All Palettes”.
All of the palettes available from AutoCAD are now able to use and there are many useful tabs. In order to see all of the possible tabs, you need to right-click over the little area located at the bottom of the palette tabs. The little area of stacked tabs is where you need to right click. From there, you can simply scroll through and select the tab that you need. For the example of this blog post, select “Leaders” from the list.


About AutoCAD Tips

This blog serves as a knowledge base for myself (and anyone else) so that I can reference tips & tricks that I have learned and also refer others to it as well. I hope that this blog helps you learn at least one tip to make your drafting/design experience better.
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4 Responses to Leaders with Shapes Made Easy

  1. Denver Wilson says:

    Could you please show me the way to make a leader from scratch?

  2. Roberto Blackman says:

    how do i add the leader shapes to my tool palette?

  3. Bill P. says:

    I think the problem others here are addressing (with no response for years that I can see) is that at the time this article was written the “shaped leaders” were available in the default Tool Palette, but in later versions (such as 2017 which I’m using) they are no longer there.

  4. Azri says:

    start Mleader command, but before clicking anywhere to start, right clikc and pick option > content type > block. the circle you want to add is a block where you need to create first, assign name and use attrib for the text so that inputting is possible. after that pick exit option and continue with mleader creation.

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