Change the “Standard” Font in AutoCAD Template

Some drafting standards require a text “font” that is something other than the “Arial” font, yet AutoCAD seems to keep reverting back to this font even after changing what font the text style is using. Some people almost have conniption fits because their text keeps changing…

Shown below: “Standard” text style using Arial.ttf

Standard Style using Arial.ttf

Standard Style using Arial.ttf

One reason is that the default acad.dwt  that is used for new drawings has this font defined for the “Standard” style. My first suggestion would be to not use a style named “Standard” as this can cause obvious conflicts. But even if you have no control over this, you can try the following:

Navigate to your AutoCAD Template folder and locate the “acad.dwt” file – The below screen shot is of the AutoCAD 2014 template folder.

AutoCAD 2014 Template location

AutoCAD 2014 Template location

Copy the file to another location as a back up in case something goes wrong.

Rename the file so that it is “acad.dwg” not a “.dwt” file

change file type to .dwg

change file type to .dwg

Open the in AutoCAD and change the Text Style in the “Text Style Manager” by using the command ST <enter>

Change the “Standard” style to the desired font under the “Font Name:” dropdown list.

Standard Style Set to "RomanS.shx"

Standard Style Set to “RomanS.shx”

  • Save and close the drawing. Note: Prior to closing, you may want to “SAVEAS” to an earlier version so that other AutoCAD users that use older version of AutoCAD can use this same file.
  • Change the file type from .dwg to .dwt so that it is once again a template file
  • Place the “acad.dwt” file back in the support folder.

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This blog serves as a knowledge base for myself (and anyone else) so that I can reference tips & tricks that I have learned and also refer others to it as well. I hope that this blog helps you learn at least one tip to make your drafting/design experience better.
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13 Responses to Change the “Standard” Font in AutoCAD Template

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  2. Josie says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I can’t seem to figure out the name of the person that posted this, but I want to thank you! I’ve been dealing with fonts being replaced in my ACA2012 software since April 2013. I opened an Autodesk Subscription Support request about it and no one at Autodesk, after weeks of trying all crazy, time consuming approaches, could tell me why my fonts kept disappearing. Our company standard font is architext.shx and every once in a while, one of our machines would just randomly replace the architext.shx with simplex,shx, which is the assigned replacement font. I simply gave up on their version of “support”. I tried changing the assigned replacement font to architext.shx, but that did not work. Over the months I kept searching the internet at random times and just found your recent post. I never thought to look at the “STANDARD” style font assignment in the dwt file. When I did, it was in fact assigned the architext.shx font. I changed it to a different font, re-opened the ACA session at the computer plagued with the problem and Wha-La!!! YOU ROCK! THANK YOU!

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      Sweet!! I am so happy that you found a solution. Feel free to drop further questions if needed.
      I simply do this blog as a reminder to myself from what I learn and use it as a reference and resource for when issues arise.

      • Josie says:

        Hi Greg!
        Nice to make your acquaintance! Thanks for the open invite and being the long-awaited savior to my almost year long problem! What a relief to get something figured out after so many frustrating months of trial and error.
        Best Regards,

      • david Annan says:

        I have tried this on AtoCAD 2007, it always come back to standard in every new drawing. and I cant fined the created fonts

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  4. Amit says:

    Hay Greg!

    Im traying to change SHX font file to DWG,,as you suggest, but it dasent wark.
    What do i need to do? to change font to cad 2015?

    Tanks a lot !

  5. Elias Silva Mendes says:

    Muito obrigado. Me ajudou muito.
    Thanks very much. You helped me alot.

  6. Askaridol says:

    You’re genious! I’ve been looking for the way to change default AC styles for months and I found nothing. All information I found focused on creating custom style for single drawing.
    Thanks to your advice not only have I changed standard text style but also I have set my own dimensions style, and added all necessary layers, so I don’t have to this everytime I start new drawing.
    Thank you for huge help! You’ve really made my life easier.

  7. chakrapani says:

    bro i have some problems. please guide me if you have any solutions.

    While copy something from one drawing to another.
    i am facing lot of problems
    1. the memory of the drawing file increases hugely(ex: one line copy also gives 20MB like that)
    2. not copying data from one drawing to another drawing. it takes a min
    and showing error like this:

    Command: _pasteclip Duplicate definition of block A2 ignored.
    Substituting [simplex.shx] for [stander.shx].

  8. Ben Stewart says:

    Can you elaborate on this comment?
    “My first suggestion would be to not use a style named “Standard” as this can cause obvious conflicts. ” I am considering redefining the standard style in our temples and am curious as to the reasons this would not be advisable.

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