AutoLISP: Fillet To A Selected Point

This is a useful routine that lets you easily create a fillet when the radius of the fillet is not not known. The point that you pick while defining the radius will lie along the fillet.

Here’s how:

  • FP <enter> to start Fillet Point.lsp
  • Select the first line
  • Select the second line
  • Pick a point that the fillet will lie upon


;;; By Irneb
;;; Creates a fillet but lets you pick a point that will lie on the arc.
;;; This is usefull when the radius is not known.
(defun c:FP (/ l1 l2 pt ed)
  (if (and (setq l1 (entsel "\nPick first line: "))
           (setq l2 (entsel "\nPick second line: "))
           (setq pt (getpoint "\nPick point passing through circle: ")))
    (progn (command "._circle" "_3P" "_tan" (cadr l1) "_tan" (cadr l2) "_non" pt)
           (setq ed (entget (entlast)))
           (entdel (entlast))
           (command "._fillet" "_radius" (cdr (assoc 40 ed)) "._fillet" l1 l2)))

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2 Responses to AutoLISP: Fillet To A Selected Point

  1. C Squella says:

    great thanks

  2. Mohammad kashem says:

    how to download this lisp?

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