Add Dimension Leader Line

Sometimes when placing dimensions in a drawing, they can get cluttered and it isn’t always clear what dimension text belongs to what dimension.

(pictured below – example dimension)

Add Leader Line 1

There is a feature that lets you attach a leader to the dimension text and the mid point of the dimension line thus pointing out what text is referring to what dimension.

Note: This method is should keep you from exploding dimensions. Please stop exploding dimensions!!!!

Here’s how:

  • Select the dimension that is to have the leader applied
  • Hover over the grip next to the dimension text
  • Select “Move with Leader”

Add Leader Line 2

The Leader will now follow the text as it is re-positioned away from the original text position.

Add Leader Line 3

If the leader is not needed, remove it by doing the following:

  • Select the dimension (similar to above)
  • Hover over the grip next to the dimension text
  • Select “Reset Text Position” – this will return the text to its original position. If you want move the text and get rid of the leader (without returning the text to the original position) select “Move Text Only.”

Add leader Line 4


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4 Responses to Add Dimension Leader Line

  1. Rob Miller says:

    Is there an automated method to add an arrow onto that dimension leader, which points at the dimension line?

    Also, is there a way to set the leader to center on the top line of the text – pretty much like the options of the mleader.

  2. neffy812 says:

    I could also really use this. I know I’ve been able to do it in previous versions. This drives me nuts.

  3. Seng Tean says:

    I want to use Autocad dimension with its block. I want to use Dim out side of block when this block was scale in 2 time, but I don’t want to change the Dim value. Normally, I have 1 block with length 10m, when I scaled it 2 times, it becomes length 20m. But for suggestion, I want length still stay 10m even though I scaled what I want.

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