AutoLISP: Erase Single

Here is another erase routine that lets you select only one object at a time but like the previous post, it erases the selected object and then continues the erase command.

My ultimate goal would be to combine these 2 routines into one.

;; erase single

;; found at


(defun c:es (/ ent ecnt eprompt)

(setvar "ERRNO" 0)

(setq eprompt "\nSelect object: "

ecnt 0


(while (or (setq ent (entsel eprompt))

(eq 7 (getvar "errno"))



((= ent "Undo")

(command "u")

(setq ecnt (1- ecnt))


((= (type ent) 'list)

(command "erase" ent "")

(setq ecnt (1+ ecnt))


(t nil)


(setvar "ERRNO" 0)

(if (not (zerop ecnt))


(setq eprompt "\nUndo/<Select object>: ")

(initget "Undo")


(setq eprompt "\nSelect object: ")





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