AutoLISP: Erase Continuously (new & improved)

So Lee answered once again and combined the two previous routines into one awesome routine. You remain in the erase command and are able to select objects by 1) picking them 2) Window 3) Crossing window and as soon as you are done selecting them, they are erased.

; Erase Continuous by Lee Mac

(defun c:ec ( / fl p1 p3 ls hi ss )

(princ "\nSelect Objects to Erase: ")

(while (and (not fl) (= 3 (car (setq p1 (grread nil 12 2)))))

(if (setq ss (ssget (setq p1 (cadr p1))))

(command "_.erase" ss "")


(princ "\nSpecify Opposite Corner: ")

(while (= 5 (car (setq p3 (grread t 13 0))))


(setq p3 (cadr p3))

(setq ls



(list (car p3) (cadr p1) (caddr p1))


(list (car p1) (cadr p3) (caddr p1))



(setq hi (if (< (car p1) (car p3)) 0 1))

(mapcar '(lambda ( a b ) (grdraw a b -1 hi)) ls (append (cdr ls) (list p1)))


(if (listp (setq p3 (cadr p3)))

(if (setq ss (ssget (if (< (car p1) (car p3)) "_W" "_C") p1 p3))

(command "_.erase" ss "")


(setq fl t)


(redraw) (princ "\nSelect Objects to Erase: ")




(redraw) (princ)


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1 Response to AutoLISP: Erase Continuously (new & improved)

  1. CARLOS DE LA ROSA says:

    well, this works excellent!!! tnx!

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