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Helpful Settings for Plotting 3D Solids in AutoCAD

This post isn’t a fix-all solution but it has helped printing/plotting issues that I’ve recently encountered. There are some helpful AutoCAD variables and an adjustment to your preferred “Visual style(s)” that can help make printing 3D solids look correct in … Continue reading

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Fix Install or Uninstall Errors

Here is a possible fix for fixing errors that might have occurred during an install of AutoCAD (or any other program) that is preventing you from doing a “repair” or “Re-install.” Scenario: An issue that has happened at work a … Continue reading

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We recently were given some 3D models by a subcontractor that needed to be incorporated into our drawings. There was one model in particular that was rather large in file size considering that it was only a small part of … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Cursor/Crosshair Angle

Have you ever opened someone else’s drawing and the AutoCAD cursor is at some odd angle? The system variable to help control this setting is SNAPANG. Below is an example of a cursor at an odd angle while in a … Continue reading

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Rotate Objects to Reference an Angle

The Rotate command can be used to match an angle of an existing object or allow you to input an angle.   This tip is especially helpful when you don’t know the angle of the objects. maybe all you know … Continue reading

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View Fonts Used in Styles Without Opening A Drawing

Continuing the previous blog post concerning how to control what font is being used as the “Standard” text style – One issue that has come up is that upon opening a drawing that has the “Standard” text style defined as … Continue reading

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Change the “Standard” Font in AutoCAD Template

Some drafting standards require a text “font” that is something other than the “Arial” font, yet AutoCAD seems to keep reverting back to this font even after changing what font the text style is using.¬†Some people almost have conniption fits … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Self Adjusting Text Frame Using Multileaders

If you have ever had to add a frame around your text and then have had to edit that text and re-adjust or even recreate the frame, today’s tip will help save you the time from having to edit both … Continue reading

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OFFSET Polyline True Distance – OFFSETGAPTYPE

The OFFSET command creates parallel copies of an object away from the original object. Here’s the scenario – You have an electrical drawing with limited space. You also have an oddly shaped electrical box that requires a 4 foot space … Continue reading

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Use Align Space to Easily Align A Viewport View

Rotating a view within a viewport can be quite involved when using the DVIEW command as was shown in this post:¬† But as a guest named Nick pointed out, the ALIGNSPACE command from the Express Tools is a quick way … Continue reading

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