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AutoLISP: Select Text, Rename Layout Tab

Link to AutoCAD Tips I used this LISP routine frequently for my old job. It is a routine that I found at and is very helpful. What it does is let you rename the current layout tab by selecting … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Set PSLTSCALE for All Viewports The system variable PSLTSCALE (Paper Space LineType SCALE) has been mentioned [here] so this LISP routine is a great example of automating the process of changing this setting in all of your viewports for you. Here’s how: PS0 <enter> … Continue reading

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Add Annotation Scale by Match Properties

The original post can be found here: Quick tip: This only works for ADDING annotation scales to objects, not deleting them… I will post on how to create Annotation scales shortly. The new Annotation scaling feature is great for … Continue reading

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Plot Color Regardless of .ctb file Correction. This tip does not override .stb files – sorry for any¬†confusion. This tip can either be the answer to a problem or a helpful tip that can be applied to a drawing. I stumbled upon this while creating … Continue reading

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Layout Tab Cooridinates

After spending the time to set up a layout tab you may have encountered the frustration of inserting your title block onto the layout tab and it not inserting correctly. This is because the X,Y coordinates of 0,0 (zero,zero) are … Continue reading

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Easily Move or Copy Layout Tabs

Here is yet another improvement upon a previous post (found here). After you have a layout tab set up, this tip the fastest way that I have found to either move/rearrange the new layout tab or copy it. To move/rearrange … Continue reading

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Cycle Through View Ports using CTRL + R

You may have read that you can cycle through View Ports in books and other websites but if you don’t see it in action, you may not fully understand its¬†usefulness. Here is an example of a layout tab that has … Continue reading

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Rotate Viewport

Here’s how to rotate a viewport and rotate THE VIEW of the objects within the viewport: Simply change a system variable. The variable is VPROTATEASSOCC As seen below, <0> = OFF & <1> = ON

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Working in a Viewport

You may already know that if you double click inside a viewport that is on a layout tab you will be able to work in model space even though you are in paper space. This is known as working in … Continue reading

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Quickly Make a new Viewport

Here is a quick tip to quickly make a new paper space viewport. Set the layer to what you want the viewport frame to be on. It is best to use a designated layer for viewports that are set to … Continue reading

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