Cycle Through View Ports using CTRL + R

You may have read that you can cycle through View Ports in books and other websites but if you don’t see it in action, you may not fully understand its usefulness.

Here is an example of a layout tab that has 2 View Ports on it. 1) a larger View Port that shows the entire 1st floor and 2) a smaller View Port that shows a more detailed view of the bedroom. When you click to activate the larger VP, it is activated without any problem. When you place your cursor over the smaller VP however, you are not able to activate it. Click as much as you want – it wont activate. This is because AutoCAD favors the larger viewport when you have overlapping VPs.

To make the smaller VP active: (as seen below)

  • Activate the larger VP
  • CTRL + R to cycle from the larger VP to the smaller VP

You can also use CTRL + R to toggle between multiple VPs (as seen below)

CTRL + R toggles through all the VPs on a layout tab. they don’t have to be overlapping a “larger” VP (as seen below)


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