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Layer Naming Restrictions

Here are some layer naming restrictions when creating or editing layers while in the Layer Properties Manager… 1) The most obvious restriction is that you cannot have 2 layers named that have the same name. 2) Certain characters are restricted; … Continue reading

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Easy Way to Clear a Selection Set

Quick tip: Instead of hitting the ESC button multiple times to clear a selection set, try holding the right mouse button for a few seconds.

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Layout Tab Cooridinates

After spending the time to set up a layout tab you may have encountered the frustration of inserting your title block onto the layout tab and it not inserting correctly. This is because the X,Y coordinates of 0,0 (zero,zero) are … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Align Attributes

Here is a useful routine for aligning attributes in a block. Here’s how: AATTR <enter> to start (Align ATTRibute) Specify the alignment direction Vertical or Horizontal Select the Attribute that the others will be aligned to Select the rest of … Continue reading

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Easily Move or Copy Layout Tabs

Here is yet another improvement upon a previous post (found here). After you have a layout tab set up, this tip the fastest way that I have found to either move/rearrange the new layout tab or copy it. To move/rearrange … Continue reading

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