Okay, that heading was not very descriptive, but I know that you’ll enjoy this tip.
When you place MTEXT, by default, it is blank. And by “blank”, I mean that there is no preview of text so that you can see how it will look when you are finished typing.

The System Variable MTJIGSTRING allows you make such a preview.
Here is the description from the System Variable editor:
Sets the content of the sample text displayed at the cursor location when the MTEXT command is started.
The text string is displayed in the current text size and font. You can enter any string of up to ten letters or numbers or enter a period (.) to display no sample text.”

In the command line:
enter new text preview up to 10 characters including spaces <enter>


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2 Responses to MTJIGSTRING

  1. saravanan tamizhan says:


  2. Kris says:

    Is there an editor for mtext that will allow me to pick several mtext entities and then allow me to edit the text one selection at a time? The mtext will pop up in a dialog box and then go on to the next without having to double click on each piece of mtext?

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