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XREF Status Bar Button

If you open drawings and want to know if there are any XREFs in the drawing, you do not need to open the XREF manager. Simply look at the bottom right corner of the screen in the status bar. If … Continue reading

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Express Tools: CLIPIT

I recently showed how to create an XCLIP for XREFs (found here) but today’s tip gives you some more options. The Express Tool CLIPIT will clip reference objects – not just XREFed drawings. It will work on the following objects: … Continue reading

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Here are the options (system variables) for how your XCLIP frame is shown and/or printed. The variable is XCLIPFRAME <enter> and the default setting is <2>

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Invert XCLIP

Once you have an XCLIP created, you can can invert the XCLIP so that the area that is inside of the defined XCLIP border will be hidden and the area outside will be shown. Here’s how: Select the XCLIP boundary … Continue reading

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Create an XCLIP

For those who use XREFs, there may be times when you do not need the entire XREF to be brought into your drawing especially if the XREF is rather large. With the command XCLIP you can create a boundary around … Continue reading

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XREF Attachment Type System Variable

When attaching XREFs to your drawings, the choice to insert them as an “Overlay” or as an “Attachment” may not be so clear and might be confusing. Overlay – only the XREF that is selected is referenced in the current … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Globally Change XREF Attachment Type

If you need to Changeall of the way in which XREF’s are attached this routine is for you. This routine will change all XREFs in a drawing to either “Overlay” or “Attached.” Here’s How: X2A <enter> = All XREFs to … Continue reading

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