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AutoLISP: Break Polyline Segments

Here’s a great routine that lets you break a polyline segment. Simply select the segment that you want to be a separate polyline entity from the ones that it was initially created with. This routine works on closed polylines line … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Break At Distance

Even though this routine prompts you to select a curve, this routine can be used on other objects as well. You simply select an object near the endpoint where you want to start from then specify a distance along the … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Break Polyline at Vertex

You can always explode a Polyline if you need to break your polyline into individual segments. This method will make the polyline into individual lines. But what if you would like these individual segments to remain individual polylines? That’s where … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Break at Intersections With A Gap

Here is a very useful routine that breaks objects at their intersections and then creates a gap at the intersection on the first object that you select. Here’s how: BI <enter> to start Specify the gap distance.  <enter> (Note: the … Continue reading

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Select Individual Polyline Segment

Here’s a useful quickie: You can select individual segments of a PolyLine and then edit the segments by simply holding the CTRL button and then individually picking the segments. In the example below, I selected the individual segments and then … Continue reading

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Spline to Polyline Without LISP

So, after all those posts about LISP routines that change Polylines into Splines and Splines into Polylines, I saw a video on Cadalyst’s Website that shows how this is available in AtuoCAD since 2010. This is very handy because you … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Making a PolyLine Spiral

I found this thinking that someday I would need it. So now I share it with you in case you too need it. After all without it, how else can you easily make a spiral in AutoCAD? This routine is … Continue reading

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