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AutoLISP: Rectangle from the Midpoint of sides

Sidenote: there is a blog that has been stealing my content without any recognition of who actually made the content and then collecting $ off its ads. Because of this, I am going to start adding watermarks in my pictures … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Make a Real Rectangle

A long time ago, AutoCAD used to make Rectangles and polygons as their own entities. When you made a rectangle and then did a LIST <enter> on it, it would show as a rectangle. Nowadays, these objects are those objects … Continue reading

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New in 2012: Blend Command

I have briefly mentioned the blend command [here] but I actually never showed how to use the command. The BLEND command is found on the Home tab of the ribbon > Modify panel > Under the Fillet/Chamfer dropdown, there is … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Continue Polyline

ONE YEAR AND 196 POSTS!!!! One year ago today, I started this blog in hopes to have reference for AutoCAD tips in case I forgot them. After one year, I have made 196 posts and every week more and more … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Mid-Point of Entire Polyline

Here is a simple and great routine. This routine places a “point” at the mid-point of the polyline. Usually, you can simply snap to the mid-point of a polyline segment. But if you want to simply find the mid-point of … Continue reading

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Lengthen Polyline Endpoint & Vertex

I have previously posted about using the LENGTHEN command, which is helpful, but the LENGTHEN command doesn’t work on polylines. Here’s how to lengthen a polyline segment whether it is an endpoint or a vertex. The examples shown in this … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Perpendicular to Entity

Here’s a handy routine that lets you draw many perpendicular lines to any type of object. This can be done manually by using the perpendicular Osnap, but this routine lets you do this quickly. Very handy for curved objects. As … Continue reading

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