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Remove Dimbreaks From Objects

If you have applied Dimbreaks to either a dimension or a multileader and need to remove them please don’t erase the objects and recreate them. You can use the same DIMBREAK command that created the dimbreak to remove the same … Continue reading

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Add a Dim Break to a Multileader

I was reading my company standards and came across an outdated-yet-common method  of modifying multileader objects for clarity. The process is to explode the multileader and then trim the leader line where it crosses dimensions so as to not be confused as an object … Continue reading

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DIMBREAK Break Dimension Lines

Here is a useful command that lets you easily add clarity to your dimensions. If you have ever dealt with dimension lines that cross over other dimension lines, you might recognize that these dimension lines can easily be confused for … Continue reading

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This is a tip that I just saw from Lynn Allen’s blog [found here]and thought that I would share it here as well. Imagine trying to dimension something that doesn’t have parallel or perpendicular pick points. So when you pick … Continue reading

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Add Annotation Scale by Match Properties

The original post can be found here: Quick tip: This only works for ADDING annotation scales to objects, not deleting them… I will post on how to create Annotation scales shortly. The new Annotation scaling feature is great for … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Reset Selected Dimensions

Now that you have located “dodgy” dims in a drawing, you may need to reset them to their original values. There are many LISP routines online that do this globally, but you may need to reset a few of these … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Find Dodgy Dimensions

Keeping this whole “Dodgy Dimensions” theme going…. Here’s another routine that you can use to find dimensions that have had their value altered. It will simply turn the “dodgy” dimension text green, thus distinguishing it from the correct dimensions. If … Continue reading

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